Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How to make a: DIY triangle Bra/Bralet

Hey guys, so today I am going to be showing you how to make your very own DIY Bra or Bralette (Bralet) - as you can see there are many ways to say and spell it so I will let you decide how you want to spell it! But yeah just follow the simple steps to recreate this little beauty similar to triangl swimwear and calvin kleins bralette... but just not so good and professional as theirs I suppose! Sit back, relax with a cup of teas and enjoy... but if your making it then be prepared! ;)
Sunglasses: Primark £2, Sandals: Primark £8, Bag: New Look £15
Phone case: Jack Wills 

All you need is:

- A sewing machine 
- The pattern (above) printed out on A4
- Jersey cotton fabric (with stretch) - Mine was an old primark tshirt
- Sissors
- Elastics: like these: (
- Pins
- Thread 
- Measuring tape
- Chalk 
- Ruler

Then (Instructions are on the picture bellow): 

After you've cut the shapes out pin them on to your chosen fabric make sure you have doubled the fabric so you get two cuts from them. You need to do this 4 times so altogether you have 8 triangles!


Then take the paper and the pins off the material: 
After you take the pins out:

Now this is the time you need your elastic and measuring tape:
You can take a few inches off your straps because of the stretchiness of the elastic.


 BUT.. Don't pin it this way pin it where the seam is facing outwards - my mistake, you don't want to know the amount of times I had to redo this part! (see picture below for the right way to pin it)
Once you've repeated it for both you should now have this...

After you've sewn and taken the pins out you flip it inside out and you should end up with this:

Now get more elastic, measuring tape and a bra you own:
I suggest from here that you measure it round your self to see if you need to take some more off the elastic so its not too big or small. And again for the picture below when you've placed the cups where you want them try it on to see if you've pinned them into the right place.

Then once that's finished you...
Mark where you want to sew, pin it together and sew!

... And your done! 

There you have a simple DIY Triangle bra.. inspired by Triangl Swimwear and underwear (which I love but sadly I haven't got a pair, because it's a bit too expensive for a 16 year olds bank account... but maybe one day!). Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial and hope your ones all come out the same, if you have any questions send it too.. but if any of you attempt to make it I'd love to see it so send it through email or twitter which is @Leanne__Powell

Thank you for your time 
Leanne xx

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