Saturday, 20 June 2015

06.15 - Haul

Hello guys, two post in one day! Lucky you. I would love for you all to check out my last post that would be great and kindly follow my blog!

Today I am showing you a few pieces which I have brought recently, I am so excited to show you guys! Ranging from Zara to Primark to Ebay! Please bare with me with the photography, everything I  have brought recently and I will try to link most things. It would probably be so much easier to do a video on it but I don't think I am ready for youtube just yet! Thanks a lot, enjoy!

I brought this really simple necklace from H&M recently, its gold and has this simple circle on it. I'm not really into wearing necklaces but I love this. Goes with everything and was really inspired by pretty sickly, shirley b eniang and barbara babe for this look, I love watching their hauls on youtube!

I got these stunning sandals from Zara, I had my eye on them for a while so when they went down on sale recently I had to buy. Absolutely stunning. Bargain at £15.99! Can't wait to wear these this summer! Still online: Blocked heel sandals - click the link

The next two items are from Ebay, I was very skeptical about buying from eBay before but after I started selling on there I'd thought I would give buying a try, I brought this dress originally for capital summertime ball but didn't wear it but I can't wait to wear it this summer and its still on missguided! I brought this for around £4, lucky me! - Floral dress

I found this gorgeous blazer recently on eBay too, originally from warehouse, stunning pattern and is so versatile, love wearing it with my new Zara bag (below) and ripped jeans and I got this for around £11

I have been looking for a shirt like this for a while now and found this one in H&M originally £20 went down to £7! Bargain buy! Could be worn as a dress or top, so very pleased with that!

 When the 70's trend came out to play this Spring/Summer I thought I would hate it, little did I know I would be buying quite a few bits from that very trend! This cut out shoulder top from Primark is stunning the colours pop and can't wait to wear it this summer!

Another off the shoulder top, again from Primark and went down to £2, absolutely gorgeous on! and comes up cropped. Abit see through but apart from that I love it!

I had a clear out recently and threw out all my shorts, so I had to buy a replacement and I got this skort (skirt/shorts) from Primark for £6. I also got this cropped top from Zara (<Link) for £7.99, love it!

Absolutely in love with this off the shoulder top, see what it looks like on in the last post. £17.99, perfect for summer and winter! From Zara:

Lastly this beaut pastel pink bag, love it, studded and gold hardwear detail! Such a spacious bag and fits the right things.

Thanks a lot, see you soon!
L xxx

outfit of the month - 06.2015

Hello guys,

Todays post is my favourite outfits of the month so far, its been a fairly nice month. I know its yet to finish but I've been quite busy so far. I attended this months Capital Summertime Ball and its been my last few weeks of college!!

Rib knit t-shirt with high split: Primark
Printed trousers: New Look
Jelly shoes: Primark

High neck top: Zara
Printed trousers: New Look
Bag: Matalan
Jelly shoes: Primark

Necklace: H&M
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Converse
Top: Zara

Hope you've enjoyed and can take some inspo from this transitional weather outfits, all affordable and still in store. Hope my first blog post showing myself is ok, hopefully I can get better at photography, locations and backgrounds soon too. Bare with me!! Next post will be a haul full of clothes I have recently brought. Some of the clothing which is in this post too!!

See you soon!!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New Shoes, New Blog Header Picture & Polyvore!

Hello Guys! Long time no see, been really busy with college work and all that jazz so haven't really been able to post. Just a few things before I start, if you've never visited my blog before then you won't know the difference but I GOT A NEW BLOG HEADER PICTURE! ... Before it was a rather large picture of myself and now I have replaced it with one of my favourite quotes 'Early Mornings, Big shirts, messy hair, Vogue and coffee' I think that is such a cute picture and probably applies to most of you fashion orientated people out there!! (Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think). Also I have been recently posting some of my post from I have been using polyvore for about 6 years now and love it more and more each time, its a creative little site where you can create outfits on a set! Such a cool website and I absolutely love it, so I hope you don't mind me posting those up! Check out some of the sets below and be sure to check out my page:

ANYWAY.... Real reason I am here is for you to check out these lovely pair of shoes I have been eyeing up in New Look  and I finally gave in and brought them! They are the best purchase I have made in a while and they are absolutely gorge!

They are quite high but really comfortable and have a platform and straps! I haven't worn them out yet but I am really looking forward too... I am 18 in a couple of months so I can wear them out then (shows I am well prepared HAHA!) They were £27.99 but used my student discount and got them for £25, because I had a slight suspicion that if I waited to get them on sale they would of sold out of my size because they've already sold out of my size online! But they are gorge and I totally recommend them and come in a variety of colours!