Monday, 16 June 2014

Blog Virgin + College Work

Hi my names Leanne and I am currently studying Fashion and Clothing in College. I am 16 Years old at the moment and I am hoping to go into the fashion industry doing Visual merchandising, Buying, Styling or Fashion Journalism.

So where's better to start... My first fashion blog is going to be about a variety of things from What I am wearing to what I am doing and making in college and what I am making/DIYing. Hopefully I can keep you up to date with my life and what I'm doing. 

This is a picture of a dress I made with just pins and a piece of fabric - no sewing at all. At college we call this 'draping on the stand' it was my first try at draping and making this dress. I will sure be doing this again soon, I just need to get my hands on a mannequin! Haha.

Leanne x 

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