Monday, 16 June 2014

College Fashion Show - My first skirt I made!

Hello Again Guys! Another college post! So recently in college for a few months I was working on a skirt - this was to be the first skirt I've ever made! I had to go through making the twill version (thank god I didn't have to put all the detailing on to the twill - by the way twill means "the practice version") and then making the actual version and plus putting the detailing on to it which was soooo long and tiring at times!!
 This was where I started off the pattern version which I used for both the twill and the real version. My plan was to make a wrap around skirt with button on it and my influence was London - because 1) I couldn't think of anything else to base it on and 2) Why not... London was where I was born really and I LOVE IT!
 All this hard grafting was to try and get an amazing grade (I haven't got the grade back yet unfortunately but after all the hard work I am indeed hoping for a Merit OR Destinction!) and to aim to get my skirt in the yearly college fashion show which is put on at the end of each year and shows many creations and students work!
I did many techniques and was still adding stuff on up until the days of the fashion show approaching. I used techniques such as printing and heat pressing, applique, foiling and more! I did embellishments such as the Big Ben, the London Eye and the Queens head! 
 Finally all my hard work paid off and my skirt was put into the college fashion show with a little more embellishment then it had before! This is a picture of the model strutting her stuff in my FIRST hand-made skirt.
I must say I am rather pleased and very chuffed! I am so proud, it may not be the best skirt but this has certainly spurred me on to make many more in the future... Now I only hope to get a good grade out of it! 

Leanne x

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