Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New Shoes, New Blog Header Picture & Polyvore!

Hello Guys! Long time no see, been really busy with college work and all that jazz so haven't really been able to post. Just a few things before I start, if you've never visited my blog before then you won't know the difference but I GOT A NEW BLOG HEADER PICTURE! ... Before it was a rather large picture of myself and now I have replaced it with one of my favourite quotes 'Early Mornings, Big shirts, messy hair, Vogue and coffee' I think that is such a cute picture and probably applies to most of you fashion orientated people out there!! (Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think). Also I have been recently posting some of my post from I have been using polyvore for about 6 years now and love it more and more each time, its a creative little site where you can create outfits on a set! Such a cool website and I absolutely love it, so I hope you don't mind me posting those up! Check out some of the sets below and be sure to check out my page:

ANYWAY.... Real reason I am here is for you to check out these lovely pair of shoes I have been eyeing up in New Look  and I finally gave in and brought them! They are the best purchase I have made in a while and they are absolutely gorge!

They are quite high but really comfortable and have a platform and straps! I haven't worn them out yet but I am really looking forward too... I am 18 in a couple of months so I can wear them out then (shows I am well prepared HAHA!) They were £27.99 but used my student discount and got them for £25, because I had a slight suspicion that if I waited to get them on sale they would of sold out of my size because they've already sold out of my size online! But they are gorge and I totally recommend them and come in a variety of colours!

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